As the largest plastic spiral manufacturer in the world with an extensive international marketplace, we have a tremendous amount of experience in the areas of plastic extrusion and the forming of coil. We understand the product and we understand the process better than anyone. It’s our specialty. It’s what we do – it’s all we do – 24 hours a day. View Site


At Gateway Rasmussen, we are committed to helping you create a beautifully designed cookbook that will enable you to successfully raise funds for your cause or become a cherished family keepsake for generations to come.

Our approach is simple - give our customers all of the very best features we possibly can without a bunch of hidden costs. We don't charge for all of the extra options that our competitors charge for. We take tremendous pride in each and every project that we do and you have our word that we will treat your cookbook with the utmost care and concern. View Site


Whether it's short run book publishing, policy manuals and employee handbooks, or a self-publishing project, Gateway Publishing can help. Founded back in 1965, Gateway Publishing operates a state-of-the-art digital print facility. View Site


In addition to servicing the in-house binding needs of Gateway Safety Net Publications and Gateway Fundraising Cookbooks, the Gateway Bookbindery is always ready to take on outside jobs. What sets the Gateway Bookbindery apart from other finishing operations? It’s simple. We deliver unbeatable speed, unbelievable service and unrivaled product.

We specialize in plastic spiral binding. Additional services include:
-Hand Gathering
-Cutting / Trimming
-Shrink Wrapping

For more information email us: bindery@gatebook.com
or Call direct: (204) 654-5892
Toll free: 1-800-665-4878 View Site

GATEWAY Plastic extrusions

Founded in 1965, Gateway began as a printing company that progressed into plastics through its bookbinding product PLASTIKOIL. We have been extruding plastic filament for over 25 years and we have taken our knowledge and infrastructure and partnered with highly experienced industry veterans and applied it to this latest venture - Gateway Plastic Extrusions. Custom pipe and profile extrusions for almost any application. View Site


Gateway 3D Print offers the quality, price and selection that makers are looking for. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba we manufacture our products onsite and ship from our centrally located distribution point making us your ideal choice for all of your 3D filament needs.
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Plastikoil®'s online store for the small volume user. Office & Copy shop equipment and coil supplies.
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