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Building upon the foundation started by my father, we have taken his vision and the collective effort of the Gateway team to bring the business units of Gateway into one facility. We believe in the synergies, economies and opportunities that the business units can provide within our new facility now located at 385 DeBaets Street in the St. Boniface Industrial Park.

Today, the business has evolved to meet the changing requirements of our customers however our company principles and values have remained the same. The company has grown into a multi-faceted enterprise of more than ninety employees and four primary business units: Gateway Community Safety Net, Plastikoil, Gateway Publishing, and Gateway Bookbindery Services.

Gateway Community Safety Net (CSN) mission statement is to “Protect kids for LIFE”. CSN makes a positive and lasting difference in the lives of children and their families across North America with their unique and effective safety education materials: Fire Safety, Drug Safety, Personal Safety and Rural Safety. CSN’s vision goes beyond safety education for children; it is about building a Community Safety Net for every child in every community across the North America.

Plastikoil is the largest plastic spiral manufacturer in the world with an extensive international marketplace. This business unit’s research and development capability is responsible for the technology behind the application and manufacturing of the Plastikoil product. In addition, the Plastikoil business unit manufactures and sells its own line of equipment and consumable filament.

Gateway Publishing, fundraising cookbooks are part of Gateway Group’s heritage. A focus on quality, fast turnaround, creativity are the foundation of their publishing business unit’s success. On-line recipe submission forms, dedication to providing new and exciting formats, and “Hold Your Hand” service continue to make a Gateway Cookbook a great choice for both Canadian and U.S. customers.

Gateway Bookbindery business unit services the in-house binding needs of Gateway Safety Net Publications and Gateway Publishing. In addition, Gateway Bookbindery provides the Winnipeg market with trade bindery services specializing in Plastikoil bookbinding. This business unit continues to provide "Jump Through Hoops” service as it explores the expansion of its bindery services into other markets.

Gateway Group is proud of its history, is excited about the present and is creating a path for its future. Honesty, Hard work, and Fair play,…a few of the words… for all of the time. These are some of the values that our founder William G. DesJarlais has instilled in us that continues to be our guiding light into the exciting future.

Matthew G. DesJarlais

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